Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy outlines our efforts to give something back. This document identifies 3 core areas of our corporate social responsibility policy, these are PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT and COMMUNITY. Our corporate social responsibility policy is at the centre of our business and supports the achievement of our mission statement; To create a commercially sustainable business that customers want to use, employees want to work for, suppliers want to supply and shareholders want to invest in.

CSR Champion

Victoria Parker, Marketing Manager is our CSR champion and her role will be to engage the business to support and deliver our policies. Bi annually Victoria is asked to present achievements across the business.

CSR Principles & 2018 Goals

PEOPLE “To empower every individual within our organisation. We strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work environment that enables our employees to deliver the products and services that make a difference to the companies we represent"


  • We will ensure that we don’t risk the health & safety of our employees and community.
  • We will support diversity and inclusion, embracing apprenticeships where possible.
  • Our company is dedicated to protecting human rights, we are an equal opportunity employer.
  • We will support and develop our employees through apprenticeship programs and training.
  • To deliver people initiatives across the business to make for a better working environment.


ENVIRONMENT “Reduce our impact on the environment  We seek to advance sustainability through our own business practices and actions. We will work under the guidance of regulatory agencies such as HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and the Environment Agency”


  • We will support the reduction of emissions through encouraging cycle, walk, car share to work for employees. Management team will also make more proactive efforts to carshare to meetings off business premises.
  • By 2019 we will have migrated all our field sales based team to low emission vehicles.
  • We will encourage good practice for reducing printing.
  • We will introduce better battery and ink cartridge recycling within the business.
  • Converting all office paper and pads to 100% recycled paper by 2019 by initiating an environmentally preferable purchasing policy


COMMUNITY “Engaging with and supporting our community and clients .Our company will encourage its employees to volunteer and or to support volunteer initiatives. They can volunteer through programs organized internally or externally. Our company will seek opportunities to align our support inline with those of our employees and clients.”


  • To support work placement initiatives, with our local schools/colleges.
  • Support our local food bank with a food dropbox within the business.
  • We will support local charities & organisations through small ‘everyday’ initiatives.
  • We want to assist our clients with their charity fundraising through donation of small raffle prizes.
  • We will play host to one big charity fundraising event per year
  • Make excess stock available to disaster relief organisation or organisations who can benefit from our product set.

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