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Coronavirus Plan

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 13 Mar 2020

Yesterday afternoon, the PM Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom would be moving from the contain phase, to the delay phase. This was in response to a rising number of confirmed cases of coronavirus and an increasing death toll. Wightman & Parrish have been monitoring the situation for some time now and we continue to do so on a daily basis to ensure business continuity and operations. We have a robust Business Continuity Plan and our Emergency Management Team have been meeting since early February, to try and mitigate the risks we face.

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Coronavirus Guidelines

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 3 Mar 2020

Due to the surge in demand for hand sanitisers from COVID-19 there is currently a national shortage. Wightman & Parrish stock many different products that are still capable of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The WHO recommend the following steps to take care of your health and protect others:

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Coronavirus Update

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 10 Feb 2020

There have now been more than 37,000 cases worldwide of the novel Coronavirus nicknamed ‘Wuhan Flu’. To date, the virus has killed 800 people.

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DIVERSEY GUEST BLOG: Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 27 Jan 2020

2020 Pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan China

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KIMBERLY CLARK GUEST BLOG: The disgusting truth behind jet air dryers

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 13 Dec 2019

We all want to feel confident that once we wash our hands that they will stay clean once we dry them.

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PRESS RELEASE: Brighton & Hove Albion provide female fans with free sanitary products

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 29 Oct 2019

Period Poverty: Free feminine hygiene products on match days.

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Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 23 Oct 2019

Brexit has been a major concern for our clients and consumers over the past two years. With the 31st October approaching, it’s natural for consumers and businesses to wonder about the potential risks that could arise during this transition. Over the last year, Wightman & Parrish has been working closely with our supply chain to understand and minimise the risks presented by Brexit. With political and economic changes happening almost on a daily basis, we have strived to adapt to changing circumstances and we are confident, as we can be, of our preparations to ensure a continued supply of core products to our clients.

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Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 25 Sep 2019

Many organisations are beginning to understand the definitive link between the spread of illnesses and number of absences in schools and the workplace. Absences due to illness can be disruptive to learning, and cause students to fall behind in the curriculum, as well as impacting families as a whole. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure hygiene practices are maintained in the classroom, washroom and canteen, so that students and teachers are exposed to a lower risk of illness. Wightman & Parrish hope to work with schools to lower this rate of absences and find the best hygiene products and strategy for schools to ensure the safety of their students.

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INVACARE GUEST BLOG: 5 top tips for choosing the right pressure redistributing mattress

Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 12 Sep 2019

Choosing the right Pressure Redistributing Mattresses can prove to be a difficult task. There are so many different options and choices available that often it is tiring trying to choose the perfect one to suit your needs.

Here we highlight the importance of pressure redistributing mattresses and what to consider when selecting one.

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Posted by Wightman & Parrish on 20 Aug 2019

After recent interest and positive results with AIRsteril, Wightman & Parrish decided to interview Brian Dewsbery, Managing Director of Airscience Technology regarding their recent success within the Meat industry.

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