17 Oct 2023

Wightman & Parrish

SEBO – The Floorcare Experts

Wightman & Parrish are proud to work with SEBO, renowned for the quality and performance of their products. Made in Germany, SEBO machines are used in commercial environments throughout the world. Hospitals, hotels, airports, offices, shops - all appreciate the reliability, performance and productivity of SEBO vacuum cleaners. SEBO offer an extensive range of machines, so that whether it is for vacuum cleaners, hard floor polishing, and carpet cleaning, SEBO have it covered.

SEBO’s professional range of upright vacuum cleaners has been developed to suit all commercial environments where time and cost efficiencies are obviously key. The ability to perform one pass vacuuming is the inherent feature of an upright model as opposed to a cylinder. The essence of vacuuming is the combination of energy and mechanical action. With an upright, the operator need only guide the machine along the floorcovering at a normal pace – once. The machine does the work quickly and so the job is completed efficiently with resultant cost and time savings. 

The SEBO BS 360 is the workhorse of the SEBO upright range. Tough and durable and easy to maintain, it is ideal for heavy duty use. Economical to operate, it features large capacity bags, replaceable brush strips and long-life filters which are available to HEPA standard. This model are extensively used by professional carpet cleaners and for larger premises. Watch the video below to find out more about the 360.

SEBO DART twin motor uprights are our lightweight models, easy to use they are highly manoeuvrable with their rotating swivel neck. Their low-profile design makes it easy to get under and around furniture and vacuum smaller areas. The DART UHS polisher head can be fitted instead of the power brush and it converts the DART into an ultra-high speed polisher. Using diamond pads the polisher creates a brilliant and hygienic super gloss finish on smooth hard floors, without the use of chemicals or water. The SEBO DART is an excellent choice for smaller offices and hospitality venues.

With all SEBO models, sophisticated design solutions ensure cleaning tasks are simplified while time and cost savings are made in relation to machine servicing and maintenance due to quick access to all parts.



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