7 Nov 2022

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The energy crisis cost on care homes

Worried about the impact of huge energy hikes on your Care Home? Discover how to make massive cost savings with Nilaqua.

Care providers have faced a staggering 683% increase in energy costs over the previous 12 months.

For gas and electricity that would have cost £660 per bed per annum this time last year, now would cost an astonishing £5,166.

Reference: Care home bemoan ‘staggering’ 683% energy bill hike in only 12 months

Using the figure above to calculate the energy cost of heating water and we apply that to last April’s average cost for a 10 minute shower of 50.4p, the cost will increase to £3.95 for just one 10 minute shower per service user. A care home with 20 Service Users showering just 3 times a week each will increase from £30.24 per week to £237.00 per week!

If a care provider chooses to remain on a variable rate for electricity and is not under contract, they can only benefit from a maximum of 40p for electricity over the 21.1p cap (up to 61.1p per kWh). This means that if energy increases abover 61.1p per kWh for electricity, the difference between the wholesale price and 61.1p will fall on the provider to fund, the same rule applies to gas.

Reference: The Care Provider Alliance Energy Costs and Adult Social Care



Here’s the breakdown of how much WATER & ENERGY can be saved with Nilaqua

Energy Used

In April 2022 the commercial cost of a 10 min electric shower cost an average 50.40p using 1.80kWh (a power shower can use 3 times more electricity and up to 150L of water).

With the increase in commercial energy the cost increases to £3.95 per shower.

  • 20 Service Users showering just 3 times a week = £237 per week and uses 108Wh
  • Per annum that’s £12,324 / 5,616kWh per year

*NB. You can double these figures if they average 6 showers a week each!

Nilaqua has ZERO energy costs

Water Used

  • A cubic metre (1000L) of water including waste water charge is an average of £3.42 ex. VAT
  • 1 bath or shower uses around 100 litres (more for power showers) and most people show or bath at least 3 times per week – that’s 156 washes per year or 15,600 litres per person
  • For 20 service users that’s an average 312,000L/annum

Nilaqua can save up to £1,067/annum for a 20 bed care home in water savings alone

Nilaqua uses

  • 1 shampoo using an average 50ml per hair wash (Retail 500ml is £8.99 = £0.89/wash)
  • 1 body wash at an average of 33ml per wash (Retail 200ml is £3.99 = £0.66/wash)
  • Saving between 10 baths and 15 baths or showers = 800 to 1200 litres
Source: How much water does a 10 minute shower use
Business Water Rates as of 24/10/22

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