How are Wightman & Parrish sustainable?

With a vast array of products available, choosing the right product can be more complicated once clients consider the impact on their waste stream and the environment. To assist our clients we are able to help in the following ways:


At Wightman & Parrish, our energy is now all being supplied via the solar panels we installed on our warehouse roof in late 2020.



We hold packaging data for all of our products, so are able to advise which products offer a lower impact. Most packaging is recyclable but for many businesses the waste is just treated as commercial waste and not recycled. For some of our products we are able to take back the packaging and return it to the manufacturer.


Many chemicals we sell come in a super concentrate form and are then diluted on site. This reduces the packaging waste and the amount of water shipped around the country. One bottle of super concentrate can save nearly 10kg of plastic waste.


A number of our clients are already looking at reducing the amount of plastic they buy. This can be in the product and also the packaging of that product. A number of our paper products come in a cardboard outer, rather than shrink wrapping. Most plastic packaging can be recycled, but needs sorting and placing in the right waste stream. Some schools we supply have managed to reduce the amount of plastic sacks by having clearly labelled bins, which are then rinsed out and used without plastic sacks.


We have done some projects with a few clients to look at how often we deliver and working together to reduce the amount of orders and deliveries. With one client we reduced the number of deliveries by 50% by introducing set order and delivery days. Of our own fleet of delivery vans, over 83% comply with the Euro 6 standard - a eco-friendly standard to reduce levels of harmful car and van exhaust emissions.