25 Aug 2022

Wightman & Parrish

Back to School - Maintain your summer deep clean and improve infection control

It is almost the start of a brand new School year, and we want your School to be ready for all the Health & Hygiene issues that may come your way.

How to prepare for and combat COVID and flu viruses this winter

In schools, colleges, and universities, odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) carried in the air. Regular cleaning, disinfecting and masking agents are not enough to kill the bacteria which can multiply from one to 8 million in 8 hours*. 
The AIRsteril washroom range is proving to be a winner with companies servicing the washroom market. Once installed, units supply bacteria controlled purified air all day long and a low ozone output ensures a fresh smelling washroom without risk to human health. You can read more about how AIRsteril works and how effective it is in our blog here.
View our range of AIRsteril machines here.
Watch this video to find out more about how AIRsteril works:

Cleaning and Disinfection
We currently have a special offer on our bundle, available here, to buy one ESpray Atomiser Gun, and get a bottle of XtraProtect 50% off! This bundle has the following benefits:
  • Effective against COVID, Norovirus and MRSA within 30 secs
  • PH Neutral
  • Clear and safe to use on hard and soft surfaces.
  • No need to spray and wipe


The Importance of Hand Hygiene

We also have bundles available for Hand Sanitisers and Dispensers to promote the importance of Hand Hygiene. View the Selden Hand Sanitiser bundle here, and the XtraProtect bundle here

You can read more about the importance of hand hygiene in our blog here.


Keeping the floors clean through our wet muddy winter months

When there is a large amount of footfall in and out of a building, it’s important to get the right entrance matting that can not only handle and endure the constant footfall of student’s feet but also be safe and prevent hazards such as slipping. Not all educational buildings require the same sort of matting, but there are some traits required for entrance matting across all schools. COBA has entrance matting that caters to different types of schools, helping to maintain a safe environment for students.

Also, having a mat during wet muddy months protects the buildings from a build-up of excessive dirt as the mats will reduce the moisture and debris that people bring into the building.

View a selection of COBA matting products here, or to discuss bespoke matting options, please request a free site survey by filling out the form below.


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