14 Dec 2021

Wightman & Parrish

AirSteril - COP26

COP26 UN Climate Change Conference concluded nearly a month ago meaning AIRsteril are past the agreed security covenant and allowed to officially announce that AIRsteril products were installed throughout the venue.

This was the culmination of some very dedicated work by AIRsteril's customer, including the provision of a full spectrum of test data and demonstrating their infection control results including units installed at a previous government function.

Prior to Cop26 beginning, the obvious risk of hosting such a large event during a pandemic with an estimated 90,000 attendees was headline news:

“Cop26 poses inevitable risk of increased Covid transmission, says Sturgeon” Scotland’s First Minister said everything possible is being done to mitigate the risk."

After COP26, due to the measures in place, the news has been very positive showing the rates of transmission were the lowest they could have possibly been:

Covid Scotland: Glasgow has lowest virus rate in Scotland despite COP26 spike fears …in Glasgow, Covid cases have gone from averaging 272.7 per day on October 1 to 206.9 by November 11, with cases having remained flat from mid-October onwards.

Covid Scotland: No Covid spike from COP26 summit, Scottish Government data shows.

Sturgeon also said there was no sign so far that Cop26 contributed to a rise in cases of covid. She said: “I can confirm that there is no sign so far of any significant spike in cases associated with Cop. “Rigorous measures were put in place to minimise the risks of Covid transmission”

Here is a little more information about AIRsteril and how it works to kill COVID-19.

SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the same group of viruses that cause colds and influenza. The use of AIRsteril units in call centres and offices at an NHS Trust has been shown to reduce the incidence of illness-related absences; particularly reported cases of colds, coughs, and influenza, as well as reducing other chest and respiratory problems.

AIRsteril’s Multi Purpose air purification units can be used in larger areas like classrooms and common areas. The MP100 is a powerful portable unit for clearing contaminated rooms and each 13w low energy unit has a coverage of up to 30 sq m. These units do not have any filters to change and require just one annual maintenance meaning they cost very little to run and provide an ecologically sound solution.
AIRsteril are very proud to have been chosen with the massive amount of competition now on the market. This continues a very successful period for AIRsteril products, with selection for hundreds of Government mobile laboratories, Schools, Offices (including MP’s offices), NHS sites and several large exhibition centres including EXPO in Belgium. Wightman & Parrish are pleased to have worked with and stocked AIRsteril products for a number of years. Our team are happy to come to site or organise a video call to survey and discuss the facilities needs as we have solutions for all size rooms and communal areas.

For more information about how airsteril can help control coronavirus or deal with odours please call 01323 445001 or fill out this form: