8 Oct 2020

Wightman & Parrish

BREXIT - 81 Days to go!

From the 1st of January 2021 new rules will apply and our trading terms with Europe still remain far from clear. For all businesses this involves preparing for a new approach to trade with our partners in the European Union & the Rest of the World.

At Wightman & Parrish we are prepared & have been working with the Government and our supply chain partners for many months. We would now like to update you on our preparations and help you prepare as best we can to ensure that your essential supplies and needs are met.

What have we done so far?

  • We have had several meetings with government and understand where disruptions are most likely to occur in our supply chain
  • We have increased our stock levels dramatically and arranged extra warehousing to meet those requirements
  • We are in ongoing discussions with our supply chain partners to ensure a continuity of supply and have alternatives in place for key items if required
  • We are aligned as an organisation for the usual spike in orders throughout the Christmas and New Year period
  • We are staffing our business throughout the Christmas & New Year period so we are here for you.


Moving on to the next stage of our planning we are now preparing our customers to support their needs & safeguard continuity of supply of our products. We are suggesting the best way forward is to plan your last December order and your first January now. We usually manage this in late November, but we are bringing this forward to October in line with our supply chain requests.


How can Wightman & Parrish help you prepare?

Our Account Management team will be contacting our customers throughout October to help manage your Christmas and New Year orders.

Our Account Managers will;

  • Help you analyse what you normally order & prepare your Christmas and New Year orders for you to review
  • We can help book specific delivery days to ensure your needs are catered for
  • We will continue to help advise you of the best solutions during these difficult times
  • We will allow you to amend these future orders up to 48 hours before delivery
  • We can cancel orders up to 72 hours before delivery

Why act now?

Part of our planning is getting you ready for Brexit. We would normally prepare you in November, so we are simply bringing this forward to October to help us manage stock levels.

Nobody in our market has been faced with Brexit, Christmas and a second wave of Covid-19 and continuity to our customers is essential and our primary focus. 

For help planning your Christmas and New Year orders please contact your account manager, or you can order through our main office by calling 01323 4455005 or emailing sales@w-p.co.uk