2 Jul 2020

Wightman & Parrish

GUEST BLOG: Diversey cleaning and disinfection

Deliver confidence with Diversey’s enhanced cleaning & disinfection programmes

Are you looking to create a safe and welcoming environment for your customers? Due to the significant level of COVID-19 infection, all facilities have to increase their standard cleaning protocols and enhanced infection prevention becomes a new normal.

Wightman & Parrish have teamed up with Diversey to offer you expert guidance on making your site as safe as possible.


We are here to support your business

Together we can work with you to create a safe, clean and healthy environment across your facility; whether that is a ward, a resident or guest bedroom, cafeteria, classroom, corridor, public washroom, kitchen, reception area or laundry room. Diversey’s advanced cleaning and disinfection programmes are designed to elevate the quality of service, safety and care for users. The solutions integrate products, processes and guidance to reduce risk, improve results and lower overall cost.

How can we help?

From ‘What and where to clean’ room charts to personal safety measures and downloadable checklists, we can assist you with preparing your business by establishing practices that can break the chain of virucidal transmission.



Senior population is the most vulnerable group and is at the highest risk during each outbreak. Most healthcare facilities already have good standard operating procedures with regards to cleaning and infection control, but in the light of COVID-19 all recognise there is a need to re-evaluate current facility hygiene practices to ensure that provided care is not only homely, but safe. See our guidance to ensure you have everything in place to rebuild trust and to create a safe and clean homely environment for residents, workers and visitors.

We can also provide you with artwork for posters, signs and other communication materials to encourage your clients, visitors and staff to practice good hygiene.

Download here.



There is now a need to create a safe and sanitised environment for your staff and students like never before. Cleaning and disinfection are essential building blocks to infection prevention and outbreak control.

Specific attention should be paid to hand hygiene and frequently-touched hard surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. Download our back to school guide.

Download here.


Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Leisure

While business owners are eager to welcome customers back after lockdown easing, they are also cautious about how to do so safely and effectively. The pandemic has made consumers and workers hypersensitive to facility cleanliness and hand hygiene. See our guides to upgrade cleaning routines and ensure plenty of hand soap is available for customers in washrooms (and hand sanitiser outside of washrooms) and all dispensers are in working order.

Also, download our reopening checklist here to ensure nothing is missed.

Download hospitality deep cleaning guide here.

Download Food & Beverage guide here.


If you require any more guides or advice, please speak to our Sales team on 01323 445005 or sales@w-p.co.uk