19 May 2020

Wightman & Parrish

Xtra Sanitiser

Our newest product range is the XtraProtect sanitiser for both surfaces and hands. Read more below.

What is XtraProtect?

XtraProtect is a multi-purpose sanitiser that is British lab tested on hands and surfaces to kill and protect against 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including Coronavirus. XtraProtect Hand & Touch Point Sanitiser can be used as both a hand and touch point sanitiser in the home, at work, in the car, at the gym – anywhere you go and anything you touch.

What are XtraProtect active ingredients?

XtraProtect is a water based antimicrobial solution whose active ingredients have been approved for use on surfaces and the skin under the European Biocide Regulation. XtraProtect does not use aggressive chemicals, alcohol or bleach and is nontoxic and biodegradable.

How does XtraProtect act?

XtraProtect sanitises and forms an antimicrobial coating on a surface, which continues to protect against viruses and bacteria even when dry.

Key Features/Differentiators

  • Non-alcohol based and so safe and easy to use, transport and store (non flammable)
  • Lab tested to kill MRSA, E-coli, Norovirus and Coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria to British Standards BSEN 1276 and 14476
  • Has on ongoing effect even when dry
  • Lab tested as safe on surfaces and the skin
  • Suitable for use in any home or commercial environment
  • Provides a streak free clean
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic 

What official safety certifications and approvals does XtraProtect have to prove it is both effective at killing viruses and bacteria and is also safe on surfaces and the skin?

1. Effectivness: XtraProtect has been independently lab tested to kill a range of bacteria and viruses including Norovirus, CoronavirusCovid19, Ecoli, MRSA to British standards BSEN 14476 and BSEN 1276. We can provide copies of Lab Tests upon request.

2. Safety: We also have Safety Tests which confirm XtraProtect contains no hazardous chemicals and is safe on the skin.

3. Ethical Accreditation: The XtraRange are accredited as Ethical Products and Ethical Brand by the Good Shopping Guide

Why do WHO recommend alcohol based sanitisers over non-alcohol based sanitisers?

Alcohol above 70% concentration will kill Coronavirus on the skin and so provides a simple yardstick for the WHO to avoid fake hand sanitising products entering the market. XtraProtect however has not only been lab tested to kill Coronovirus and other viruses and bacteria but has many advantages over alchol based products, including:

1. Flammability – alchol based products are flammable whereas XtraProtct is safe to transport and store with no special conditions. This is particularly important for certain industries including transport, educational, manufacturing, care home and the prison service.

2. Safe and effective on surfaces and the skin – XtraProtect has been tested and can be used safely on both surfaces and the skin (wheras alchol dries the skin and can harm surfaces).

3. Ongoing Protection: XtraProtect is formulated to keep on acting and provide ongoing surface protection for several days even when dry, whereas alcohol is effective only at the time of application.

5. Religion – alcohol based products cannot be used by Muslim and certain other religious communities.

Is XtraProtect environmentally friendly?

XtraProtect contains no aggressive or hazardous chemicals, is biodegradable and uses bottling which is recyclable and re-usable. The XtraRange are accredited as Ethical Products and Ethical Brand by the Good Shopping Guide

Does XtraProtect clean surfaces?

Yes. XtraProtect provides a streak free clean to surfaces as well as being a very effective sanitiser, providing ongoing protection against viruses and bacteria even when dried on a surface. It is therefore optimal for customers who are looking for reassurance that their cleaning products will keep their home and work environments both safe and clean.

To download our free Xtra flyer, click here.

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