1 Apr 2019

Wightman & Parrish


With competition fierce in the healthcare & cleaning market place, it’s no wonder our clients need support in finding the right solutions for them. We are lucky enough to work with some of the top suppliers across the country and are constantly looking for new innovations that can benefit our clients and improve their productivity.

With many new suppliers and advances in healthcare & hygiene emerging, our experts always ensure they have their fingers on the pulse of the latest product trends. In this article, we want to focus on new innovations in cleaning & healthcare equipment.

We spoke to long-standing employee and Sales Manager, Simon Ayres on what his top equipment recommendations are for 2019.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

“The new age of vacuum cleaners is well underway. We are seeing more and more businesses making the transition and reaping the benefits.”

“Backpack vacuum cleaners have plenty of advantages over traditional tub vacs. They increase productivity and have huge ergonomic benefits. Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the key reasons employees report in sick and this can be especially detrimental to labour intensive roles such as cleaning.”

“We’ve been working with supplier and winner of Cleaning Show’s Innovation Award 2019, Pacvac, to introduce this new and improved backpack vacuum technology to our clients. So far the response has been positive and we expect to see further growth in the coming months.”

“Pacvac have specially designed their equipment to reduce noise whilst maintaining power. This is critical in the care home and education environments!”

Learn more about Pacvac technology here.


'No-Chemical' Steam Cleaners

“More and more clients want to avoid harsh chemicals in their cleaning routines. Using less chemicals can only reduce a business’s environmental impact and more and more suppliers are producing products that meet this need.”

“There are steam cleaners that work with just water! This means no harsh chemicals and an eco-friendly way to clean floors. The Duplex 340 machine is an all-in-one solution and has been designed to tackle all sorts of flooring from carpets to non-slip resin.”

“We will certainly be investing more time in supporting suppliers promote their eco-friendly products in the next year.”


Odour Control Innovation

“Odour control has always been an issue for our clients, especially in care homes, washrooms and manufacturing industries.”

“We are fortunate to work with AIRsteril who have produced an innovative odour control product which not only eliminates odours, but kills bacteria on surfaces. The fitted unit works through UV technology and once fixed to the wall starts working instantly.”

“The best thing about AIRsteril units is they have a 30 day money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t work for you in the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund.”


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