1 Jul 2021

Wightman & Parrish

FFP3 Masks in the News

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust research has found the quality of face masks healthcare workers wear makes a huge difference to their risk of coronavirus infection.

Wearing a high-grade mask known as an FFP3 can provide up to 100% protection.

What are FFP3 face masks?

FFP3 face masks act like any other face mask covering but have added protection against the transmission of coronaviruses.

The masks are used to provide protection from viruses, bacteria, and solid or liquid toxic aerosols.

These masks are commonly used by those working in the healthcare industry as personal protective equipment (PPE).

An FFP1 filter has a minimum filtration efficiency of 80%, a FFP2 is 94% effective, and a FFP3 is up to 100% effective against airborne infectious diseases.

FFP3 masks are better shaped to your face for a more snug fit and typically have a valve to help breathe as the filtration material is much thicker.

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