27 Jul 2021

Wightman & Parrish

OZOFRESH GUEST BLOG - Cost Effective Management of the threat of the Delta Variant

As we write the country is on the verge of opening up again. And whilst that’s great news in many ways, the Delta variant of COVID-19 is causing concern for professionals in Care Homes, Schools and Hotels.

Protecting residents, students and guests from the pandemic is right at the top of everyone's agenda as they plan for a more normal life over the coming months.

Many organisations are spending hundreds of pounds on bringing in companies that specialise in ‘fogging’ the whole building. Whilst this will certainly sanitise all surfaces in a room, the problem is, as soon as one person becomes infected, the whole process needs to be repeated. Again. And again. And again. All of which results in increased costs and possible delays before getting operators back in.

We can offer a much more convenient and cost-effective solution.

When used correctly, ozone is scientifically proven to kill coronavirus. Indeed, ozone has been used successfully across multiple sectors to minimise the threat of coronavirus.

The Ozofresh Eclipse Pro is a heavy-duty yet entirely portable ozone-generating machine that is proven to kill coronavirus in less than 60 minutes. Crucially it destroys the virus on both hard and soft surfaces, as well as in the air, working on areas such as blinds, drapes, and carpets – all the same areas that are targeted by fogging.

It can be easily picked up and moved from room to room, protecting all types of indoor areas. Ozone leaves no chemical residue whatsoever and no by-products. Rooms can be used again immediately after treatment.

Read some Case Studies of the Eclipse Pro in different environments here.

The Eclipse Pro requires no training to use, anyone can simply plug it in, close the door and leave it to sanitise every surface. And it’s a one-off purchase. No consumables to buy means no ongoing costs, and it can be used as often as needed. Establishments can also lease the machine for a very affordable monthly payment.

Eclipse Pro can also be used to ensure that the virus is not inadvertently introduced into the premises via deliveries. By allocating space to quarantine all such items, they can be quickly decontaminated using the Eclipse Pro before being distributed.

Be assured that the power of ozone is proven with laboratory testing. Its virus-destroying properties are well documented against a range of pathogens. And the renowned Nara Medical University in Japan has confirmed that it specifically kills the coronavirus causing COVID 19. Our ozone generators produce the levels of ozone required to be effective.

You can find out more about the test results here

Additionally, the latest thinking from the British Medical Journal is that the key to reducing transmission of COVID-19 is by fighting the virus when it is airborne – exactly what the Eclipse Pro will do, as well as sanitising surfaces.

To read the full BMJ article click here

Wightman & Parrish can arrange a free trial of the Eclipse Pro, where customers have a demonstration of the product and try it for a few days before deciding on buying.* You can purchase the Eclipse Pro here.

For more information about how ozone generators can help control coronavirus or deal with odours please call 01323 445001 or fill out this form.


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