12 Mar 2021

Wightman & Parrish


Wightman & Parrish currently offer a range of products from Motorscrubber, each designed to control infection through disinfection and cleaning to a high quality. Below are just a few areas Motorscrubber could help your work environment.


To ensure all schools are safe while open during the Coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of mechanical and professional equipment is key to eliminating the risk of cross infection, whilst achieving optimal hygiene results on all touch points and surfaces. These products can assist in various sections of your school:

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen floors are generally slippery and greasy, with awkward areas to clean. Unlike the traditional mop, JET3 stops the spread of bacteria around the kitchen. Its powerful scrubbing action releases ingrained food and grease from any floor surface effortlessly. JET3’s versatility also grants access to hard to reach grout lines. Simply angle the brush and remove ingrained dirt effortlessly.

This video shows how JET3 works:


  • Touch Points

    The world's only spray applicator with wearable and disposable wipe system. STORM® & M-Wipes deliver a fast, targeted, perfect liquid layer on all common school touch points. It was specifically invented
    for fast, targeted, disinfection of common touch points in the fight against Coronavirus.

This video shows how STORM works:


The MotorScrubber range can help solve common healthcare cleaning problems.

  • Flooring

    The melamine pad delivers amazing results, making light work of heavy soiling on all types of hard surfaces.

  • Washrooms

    Lightweight (under 2kg) which makes it the perfect machine to clean walls and washrooms with. The ergonomics of JET3 allow the user to fully adjust the machine vertically and horizontally, optimising the overall cleaning performance.

Hotels & Leisure

The MotorScrubber range can help solve common leisure cleaning problems.

  • Stair Cleaning
    Stair brush gives an outstanding finish and is the most efficient way to clean stairs. The Stair Brush gives an exceptional deep clean to all stairs and corridor edges. Helping improve the hygiene of high traffic areas by reducing dirt and bacteria travelling through a building.
If you have any queries regarding Motorscrubber products, please email sales@w-p.co.uk