19 Apr 2021

Wightman & Parrish

KIMBERLY CLARK - Not all toilet roll dispensers are made equal

Not all toilet roll dispensers are made equal and the Scott® Control Mini Twin Centrefeed Toilet Tissue system is the most hygienic toilet tissue system in the marketplace.   

 In today’s new and changing climate of safety and cleanliness, it is important to understand what a difference having the right dispenser could make for your business. 

 All businesses now have higher hygiene expectation with only 21% of workers confident about current hygiene and cleanliness levels¹. 

Keep safe, save waste, protect the planet

You want a system that gives you both hygiene, less waste and one that’s better for the environment. 

NEW Scott® Control Mini Twin Centrefeed Toilet Tissue system was launched in March 2021Its clever design means that users don’t need to touch the unit and the one-sheet dispenser means they don’t waste paper. This is good news for your toilets too as it will mean less blockages from people flushing excess toilet paper.  


No place for germs to hide 

Its sleek design leaves no place for germs to hide. Needing only one wipe to clean, and no shut lines or key holes means cleaning is easy. 

Less refilling, recycled and recyclable! 

Holding enough toilet roll for 408 visits means fewer refills. That’s 378 more visits than a small roll toilet tissue and up to 285 more visits than a 2x200 metre competitive Jumbo toilet roll². 

Scott® Control™ toilet paper is 100% recycled and our packaging is 30% recycled and 100% recyclable. 

 It really is the complete washroom systemfrom the design to the refills. With indicators to alert staff when dispensers need emptying and excellent paper disintegration to further eliminate the risk of toilet blockages, care about your customers, the planet and anyone visiting facilities with hygienic Scott® Control™ systems installed. 

If hygiene matters to you, your employees and your customers, but you don’t want to compromise on efficiency or sustainability speak to our sales team contact form



  1. Kimberly Clark Professional commissioned research 2020 
  1. Versus equivalent competitor systems. Results of Hall Test research conducted by Sapio Research Agency January 2017. 2 Materials Evaluation Lab Testing, August 2020.