23 Apr 2019

Wightman & Parrish


After a long dull winter, it is no secret that most people are itching to fling all of the windows open and give everything a good spring clean. We have plenty of products available to get you under way, ranging from domestic cleaners to toilet brushes. Wightman & Parrish are sure to find you a product to help with the task at hand, no matter how big or small.

Top tips for a successful spring clean:

  1. Rubber gloves are your friend

Rubber gloves will help to protect your hands against tough chemicals and prevent the contraction of contact dermatitis, which is a painful condition often triggered from the contact with skin irritants or a lot of wet work.

  1. Use the appropriate cleaning products for the task at hand

 You could find yourself wasting time having to re clean from not getting the results first time round if you do not use the right product to suit the environment you are cleaning or the type of cleaning you are intending to carry out.

  1. Scrub to your hearts content

Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease into the cleaning, tough stains and dirty areas may require a lot of work along with the right product to deliver the results you are aiming for.

  1. Microfibre cloths are great

The fibres in the cloth help to lift dust, dirt and grease easily and are also great to use dry in order to buff surfaces.

  1. Don’t forget the hard to reach corners

Spiders will have made themselves at home in the corners of rooms so it is important to remember to clean them. Extendable dusters are a must have for this task if your business has high, hard to reach corners.

  1. Vacuum up those hot cross bun crumbs

With Easter over and done with, there will be plenty of hot cross bun crumbs lurking. Don’t forget to vacuum up the crumbs for a clean and professional environment.

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