5 Aug 2021

Wightman & Parrish

P&G GUEST BLOG - Green & Clean

Nowadays, the role of every manufacture & company is to enable and help more consumers, end-users, and businesses make sustainable choices & thus help them do the right thing for the environment.

P&G including P&G Professional is heavily committed to doing what is right for the environment (as reflected in the P&G 2030 Sustainability Goals). Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, not just something that has to be done. We believe that our strong & well-known brands can enable and inspire responsible consumption through superior performance and by committing to a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our P&G professional mission is to make every experience count by providing SAFE, SIMPLE, and EFFECTIVE solutions that delight your guests and protect our planet.

We in PGP believe that Green begins with clean- Life Cycle Assessment tells us that water and energy consumption in the usage phase of detergents impacts the environment up to 9x more than plants operations and raw materials. If you have to use more products or do the job over, or if the end result is unsatisfactory – are you really being green?

That is why in P&G Professional we have launched the Green & Clean Program: we design superior cleaning products from that work right the first time to help reduce overall chemical and resource usage (energy, water, time).

The Green & Clean Program is built on 3 pillars:


  •  We are not using many hazardous ingredients used by competition (our products include 0% NTA on dish, 0% Bleach, phosphates in detergents)
  • As required by EU regulation 100% of surfactants are biodegradable
  • We use Patented technologies and near-neutral pH in OPL system S1, S2, S3


  • 100% recyclable packaging in manual laundry, fabric softener, hand dishwashing, and surface care line up
  • Recycled packaging materials in part of laundry and surface care line up
  • Simple line up and concentrated formulas allowing plastic waste reduction ( 1 C5 canister = 200 reusable sprays)


  • 100% renewable wind power electricity & zero manufacturing waste to landfill in P&G Professional manufacturing sites
  • Exceptional laundry and dishwashing performance in 1 wash, short cycles, and low water temperature
  • Simple line up and concentrated formulas allowing optimized transport carbon footprint

Watch the video below to find out more about Green & Clean:

At Wightman & Parrish, we feel passionate about our sustainability through social, ethical, and moral responsibilities. As a company we help:

  • To reduce our environmental footprint
  • To offer sustainable alternatives to customers
  • And to ensure our services build a sustainable future

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