8 Oct 2021

Wightman & Parrish

Turn Down the Temperature to Turn Up Results

Washing at 30ºC Protects the Planet and your Pocket.

'If it’s not dirty, wash at 30’ is an eco-friendly habit consumers are encouraged to adopt at home, decreasing energy consumption by 57% per cycle according to the Energy Saving Trust. But if you’re running a fish and chip shop, ‘greasy spoon’ cafe, or any kind of small business subject to stains, a lower temperature isn’t going to cut the mustard, let alone the ketchup or mayo, right? Think again.

From a market leading brand you already trust and use in your own home, NEW Ariel Professional liquid laundry detergent has been specifically formulated for the toughest laundry jobs in the trade. While you might not be thinking about protecting the planet when doing the washing, NEW Ariel Professional has that covered, cleaning brilliantly even in a cold wash. Whether you operate a care home or B&B, local takeaway or pizza joint, New Ariel Professional liquid laundry detergent rinses away the toughest stains from wine and grease to make-up and blood with the greatest of ease. This outstanding performance can all take place at 30°C, reducing carbon emissions, saving money, and maintaining your high standards of business operation.

Wightman & Parrish can provide larger scale versions of this product, to suit a more intensive demand for laundry detergent. We also have our own in-house Engineering team who can install a range of auto-dosing & manual OPL solutions to save on cost and increase efficiency. You can find out more here: https://www.w-p.co.uk/on-premise-laundry-solutions-guide 

Brighter and Whiter for Longer

Unbeatable whiteness, cleaning and stain removal are all possible with the superior and unique formulation in NEW Ariel Professional liquid laundry detergent that keeps whites looking white for longer. The number one professional cleaning detergent will help you save on labour, because who has time to pre-soak or pre-wash when running a business? Ariel Professional will secure the same, outstanding results in the first wash at low temperatures.

Did you know?

The most significant environmental impact laundry has is the energy used to heat water in washing machines. If every household in Greater London were to turn from 40ºC to 30ºC, enough energy would be saved to rotate the London Eye 2.3 million times. Imagine the results if your business were to do the same.

P&G Professional believes that green starts with clean. There’s a clear environmental benefit in using superior and innovative cleaning products that eliminate the need for re-work and help reduce overall chemical usage. The great news for businesses is that this efficacy is kind not just to the planet but to your pocket too.

We are proud to announce that the new Ariel Professional liquid is awarded the Efficient Solution Label by Solar Impulse Foundation. This label proves Ariel Professional helps protect the environment in a profitable way. Learn more here: https://solarimpulse.com/label

This video shows how the new Ariel Professional liquid compares to a leading competitor:


Every Experience Counts

With over 110 years of experience in the food, hospitality and care sectors, P&G Professional understands the challenges business face when it comes to laundry and creates products to deliver against specific needs. P&G Professional’s mission is to make every experience count, with its trusted brands. Taking a customer-centric approach to sales, service and support P&G Professional delivers product knowledge and valuable innovation to its customers. Now that’s mustard-cutting stuff.


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