26 Mar 2019

Wightman & Parrish


What is auto-dosing?

Auto-dosing is an automated system used to feed cleaning products and chemicals into machines in a laundry or dishwashing environment. In a laundry environment an auto-dosing pump is fitted to the washing machine and the system is programmed to your required wash cycle and temperature. The pumps automatically feed the chemicals into the machine per the set programme. Staff are simply required to put the washing in the machine and select the programme on the key pad and the rest is done for them. With auto-dosing, you will get precise control over the types and amounts of chemicals you use in your laundry. Ensuring the right quantities removes any guesswork and means that every item is cleaned correctly and you aren’t using too much or too little product.

The right product makes a difference

By ensuring the appropriate detergent is used for the right job you are cutting time and increasing productivity. Implementing an auto-dosing solution for your business means you will also be able to control costs by guaranteeing just the right amount of product is used for the task in hand.

Familiar scents for your patients

Studies have found that familiar scents can trigger memories and scent associations. The exercise of smell or also referred to as Olfactory Stimulation[1], is important when caring for dementia patients. Household cleaning products such as Ariel and Lenor can be used on an industrial scale with auto-dosing systems, meaning laundry is left smelling of scents familiar to the patient.

In house engineering

At Wightman & Parrish our engineers fit and maintain a range of laundry and dishwasher auto-dosing systems. These systems feed a controlled dose of concentrated chemical product directly from the container into the washing machine – taking the guesswork out of correctly dosing products.

Once installed, our engineer carries out training on how to use the pumps, to select the correct programme for the type of wash and how to change the product containers. The dosage levels are checked annually using computer technology. This ensures the system produces the right level of disinfectant.

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