18 Oct 2022

Wightman & Parrish

Opera Beds

Wightman & Parrish have recently begun offering premium beds from Opera. Recognised as leading manufactures of profiling beds and pressure care mattresses, Opera’s extensive collection includes standard and advanced beds to suit a variety of needs.

Opera is committed to balancing nursing functionality with stylish and homely design. With fabric, size, and headboard options, a profiling bed from Opera can be tailored to any style and interior. Industry experts including occupational therapists have reviewed and approved a selection of products from the range.

Profiling Beds

Opera’s collection spans from standard profiling beds to premium profiling beds with advanced features. The brand’s popular Signature Comfort Profiling Bed is the ideal combination of style and nursing functionality. The all-in-one nursing height allows the bed to raise from a low level up to a carer’s waist. This helps facilitate on-the-bed care without any strenuous bending and makes getting in and out of bed easier for the user.

The Signature Comfort is available in a choice of three widths and different headboard styles, unlike some traditional profiling care beds. Meanwhile, the bed can be upholstered in a selection of premium upholstery, allowing it to complement existing décor.

Pressure Care

As well as a selection of profiling care beds, Opera has an extensive pressure care collection. This collection includes mattresses to suit a variety of pressure care needs, with mattresses across static, air and hybrid technology.


The Opera® Impulse Hybrid Mattress provides both a static and dynamic surface. Designed for users with a very-high risk of pressure sores, the Impulse mattress can be used with or without the pump unit. The mattress uses a combination of alternating air therapy with a three-zone lying surface. This includes a broad-castellated head zone and gel-infused heel zone to protect delicate areas of the body from pressure-sore development. Additionally, the pump features auto-weigh technology which automatically responds to the user’s weight to apply the optimum level of airflow.

A recent addition to Opera’s pressure care collection is the AutoTurn Lateral Turning System. The system gently and quietly turns the user for a set amount of time utilising the recommended 0-30° tilt for effective pressure relief. The AutoTurn is simple to use and can be applied under any bed and mattress. The system was also clinically reviewed by leading Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant, Joy Tickle.


If you would like to learn more about Opera products, please fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.