20 Mar 2019

Wightman & Parrish


The Chancellor set out further investments in his Spring Statement last week (13 March 2019) and addressed a number of issues including; knife crime, period poverty & the need to unlock digital competition.

It’s clear from the statement that the economy is growing as unemployment hits record lows. In fact, there have been nine consecutive years of growth with the OBR predicting further growth over the next five years.

Nicholas Parrish, Managing Director said: “It’s great to see the government commit to developing a national scheme to end ‘period poverty’. It’s crucial women are not held back from a proper education due to the fact they cannot afford sanitary products. It’s appalling in this country to think this goes on and I’m very happy to see the government recognising and addressing this issue.”

He continues “It is, however, disappointing to see the government overlook the care industry once again, as funding is desperately required for carers across the UK.”

What is ‘Period Poverty’?

When we talk about ‘period poverty’, we are referring to women across the globe who cannot afford basic sanitary products.

Young women are missing out on a full and proper education as they cannot afford essentials like sanitary towels and tampons. It affects many young women across the world and in the UK.  In fact, one in 10 girls across the UK are unable to afford sanitary products according to Plan International UK.

What has the Chancellor committed to?

The government has committed to funding free sanitary products in secondary schools across the UK. Following Scotland, England is the second country making sanitary products a free provision to schools.

Offering pads and tampons as a ‘washroom essential’ for young women in secondary school is one positive step in the movement to end period poverty.

 “We look forward to supporting our clients with this new initiative. We’ve worked with education clients across the UK for years and this funding is a necessity for young women everywhere.” Nicholas Parrish adds.

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