20 Jun 2023

Wightman & Parrish

Warden Park Primary School's New Outside Learning Classroom

Education is a crucial part of every child's life and the environment they learn in affects that education. Educational experts worldwide have advocated for the integration of outdoor learning in the school curriculum. The benefits of outdoor learning are countless. Warden Park Primary School has been at the forefront of providing an excellent learning experience for their pupils. The school has embarked on an ambitious project to construct an outside learning classroom to enhance the children's learning experience. 

The outside learning classroom has been designed to cater to the children's educational needs while providing fresh air, outdoor experience, and working with nature. The students can learn and explore the environment while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the surrounding trees and flowers. Through this initiative, the children can learn about environmental conservation while still engaging in their studies. The classroom has been built with Sustainability at the forefront. There are two Solar Panels that power the classroom, enabling lighting and wifi. The carpets have been repurposed from unused tiling in the School basement, and the books were donated by the South of England Show.



The classroom is entirely waterproof and can be used all year round, with a working wood burner to heat it in the Winter.  


Wightman & Parrish donated the apple trees and wildflower seeds planted around the outside of the classroom, the company believes in contributing positively to the community by supporting sustainable projects that improve people's lives. The apple trees are intended to provide fresh fruits for the pupils while also teaching them how to grow and care for trees. This donation is a testament to Wightman & Parrish's commitment to supporting environmental education and conservation. 

On Friday, just before the official opening of the Classroom, Nicholas Parrish went to visit Warden Park to see the new classroom, and to help plant the Apple Trees we had donated, with two year 6 students.


Mr Gingell, Forest School teacher said "As you can see from the photos, it is a wonderful space in which to learn, and a great resource for the school! Thank you again for your support!"