3 Jun 2021

Wightman & Parrish

Chailey School Enterprise Day

Earlier last week, Wightman & Parrish were invited to take part in Chailey School's 'Enterprise Day' due to our accreditation as Industry Champions in supporting young learners in East Sussex . This involved the year 10 students creating a business with a theme of coffee. The students had to complete Research and Development and Marketing for their business and our Marketing Coordinator, Isobel Goatcher watched one group with one of the teachers and was then part of a judging panel with other business professionals. 

Chailey School said:

"On Tuesday, we were delighted to invite 6 business ‘entrepreneurs’ into school to support us running our Enterprise Day for all of Year 10. Working in small groups on an enterprise project, with support and coaching from our visitors and very minimum overview from teachers, students worked constructively and collaboratively. I was very pleased with the level of independence and creativity. We definitely have some aspiring inventors, business leaders and marketing professionals in Year 10. It was a privilege to watch all of the groups ‘pitch’ to our esteemed guests. There was a lot of imagination in the speeches, a lot of passion and some excellent public speaking.

Finally, after a difficult year for Year 10 students, they had the opportunity
to work on different skills in teams and show their talents.

May we take this opportunity to thank all of our business leaders who attended on Tuesday. It was so inspiring to have their business expertise and
experience from a range of different workplaces."

Over the last year, Wightman & Parrish have helped Chailey School move across to the Smart One system to reduce the waste that the jumbo rolls they were using causes. They have also taken on more slimroll paper and changed the remaining bulk fill soap dispensers.