5 Oct 2020

Wightman & Parrish

Get 360° of protection & boost hygiene at work

There are no shortcuts to workplace hygiene - Talk with our experts today to create your workplace hygiene improvement plan.

Now more than ever, businesses are prioritising workplace hygiene – leading to switches in products and practices. Clean hands and surfaces are critical to maintaining more hygienic workplaces, which is why Wightman & Parrish have teamed up with Kimberly-Clark Professional - the world's leader in washroom and wiping solutions to help our customers review their current cleaning practices.

From surface cleaning solutions to hand washing, drying and sanitising to tissue systems, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way in developing your strategy to improve hygiene within your facility.

Two key areas many facilities can improve on are highlighted below so please click through and find out how Wightman & Parrish and Kimberly-Clark can help your facility achieve its hygiene goals. 

Improve workplace hygiene with paper hand towels
Learn why single-use paper hand towels are the most effective, and most hygienic, hand-drying solution.

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Tackle germ hot spots in the workplace with the right wiping solutions
When “clean enough” won’t cut it, arm your cleaning staff with disposable wipers.

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With your request for a virtual hygiene walk, our team will contact you to:

  •  Help you identify key areas in your workplace for hygiene upgrades
  • Recommend the right mix of germ-fighting solutions for your facility
  • Share tips and best practices for communicating changes and gaining compliance