20 Aug 2019

Wightman & Parrish


After recent interest and positive results with AIRsteril, Wightman & Parrish decided to interview Brian Dewsbery, Managing Director of Airscience Technology regarding their recent success within the Meat industry.

Is this a new innovation?

Our products have been supplied to the Food processing industry for quite a few years, our most recent innovation is our Ultimate range with Stainless steel cased water-resistant units specifically designed for the Meat processing industry. On site testing has showed impressive results for several years, but our independent laboratory testing by ALS Global against Listeria in January has been a game changer for us.

Is Listeria really such an issue?

Listeria is present in almost every cooked meat plant and can survive in some areas impossible to clean with traditional techniques and can lay dormant for up to 70 days, I have personally seen sites where Listeria was present behind screws and switches. It is a massive issue and sadly still kills people in the UK every year.

What did your testing involve?

Our technology was tested by ALS Global against Listeria, monocytogenes and innocua. The tests proved AIRsteril achieved complete elimination, within 24 hours to 0 log cfu/m2. We are happy to share the full report upon request, this was carried out at the ALS Global laboratories, in a simulated work environment.

Is your system expensive?

Customers are usually pleasantly surprised by the cost, in addition the savings against systems like Hydrogen Peroxide fogging are clear as there is no need to break production or clear areas of staff or product, instead the photo plasma is working to disinfect the air and all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day. Furthermore, financial loss through meat carcases being rejected or devalued by microbial contamination can become a thing of the past with our technology eliminating TVC spikes.

So you can eliminate all risks from Listeria?

Unfortunately, in the real world it is impossible to eliminate all risks even using the best possible standards, human error means the most diligent cleaning techniques will leave some contamination. Our technology works in conjunction with regular cleaning to further reduce the risks. As a recent customer highlighted to me “you’re an insurance we’re happy to pay for, it can be a lot more expensive if something gets missed”. Look at the impact of the recent NHS listeriosis outbreak where tragically five patients died, understandably the firm at the centre of the listeria scandal has gone into liquidation.

How does your technology work?

Unlike most traditional UV technologies, no direct irradiation is involved and the air does not even need to pass through the Unit to be purified. When the air enters the chamber the dual UV waveband interreacts with the Titanium Dioxide catalysts creating photo plasma from the super purified air, when transmitted this becomes a purifying plasma working to sanitise the air and every surface it touches. The secret to our technology is that is operates around the clock, even overnight when some areas are shut down the technology will still be lowering contamination. This results in consistently low TVC (Total Viable Count) bacteria levels wherever our products operate.

AS10 Silent Open RGB

Where can you use it?

Pretty much anywhere that infection control is a constant requirement with the bonus of complete safety for the operatives working in an area being treated and no need for costly plant downtime, that includes chillers, boning halls, food production and storage areas and food in transit.

Do you always get results?

AIRsteril will reduce bacteria to a level only achievable by the best possible practice every single day of the year and that’s a promise.

So you specialize in the Food industry?

We are experts in infection and odour control across multiple environments, the Food industry and specifically the Meat industry have been relatively recent focus areas for us, following great success with units not specifically designed for this environment, our team focused on producing our current “Ultimate range” which is more efficient at reducing microbial contamination than any other product we supply. For over ten years we have designed and supplied a wide range of products for any internal areas which suffer microbial contamination, this has covered specific solutions for Healthcare, Education, Waste, Catering, Hotels, Gyms, Vehicles and many more although many people still just recognize us most for the products which guarantee an odour free Washroom environment. Every product we supply shares our unique combination of technology which has been adjusted for the precise challenges of each area. 


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